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Hello, this is Jhames.

You have arrived at the personal website of one James Robert Elliott III. “Jhames” is a nickname given to James during 7th grade by another classmate in their French class. Yes, a man with a classic Scottish name that goes by a fake French nickname which happens to be a common Filipino given name. The easiest way to pronounce Jhames is to combine “Zsa Zsa” with Hermès: Zsa·mès. Voilà.

You can spend a little time getting to know Jhames better by visiting his blog. If you would rather observe Jhames from a safe distance, please visit any of the following social media:

If you would like to view the professional side of Jhames, one James Robert Elliott III, please visit Filigree.

Jhames resides in Seattle with his husband and their feline belovedaries.