About Me


Isangelous flosculation since 1999

You have arrived at the personal website of one James Robert Elliott III. “Jhames” is a nickname given to James during 7th grade by another classmate in their French class. Yes, a man with a classic Irish-English name that goes by a fake French nickname which happens to be a common Filipino given name. The easiest way to pronounce Jhames is to combine “Zsa Zsa” with Hermès: Zsa·mès. Voilà.

Perhaps this man doesn’t know how much he impacts the people around him. It’s possible that he dances through his days (in the way that only he can) without any knowledge of who is caught up in his wake – for a moment or more – and changed to a different person. He’s at once compassionate and passionate, attentive and detentive, aware and beware. He’s alpha and omega so much as is allowed without crossing into heresy.

That and he’s probably either an utter bastard or a cherished gift to humanity. A distinction I don’t wish to make.

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Jhames resides in Seattle with his husband and their feline belovedaries.